Debate over conducting Class XII boards amid COVID intensifies

The discussion around the class 12 board exams is still ongoing and confusion regarding the decision persists. Haryana Education Minister speaks to TIMES NOW over the possibility of conduction Class XII boards amid COVID. 'Is conducting exams or safety of children more important? Parents are asking whether we can give a written guarantee that their child won't be affected by Covid after coming to write exams;, says Rajan Gautam, Director, Bhagwan Mahavir International School, Surat. 'We as a nation are going through a massive challenge of vaccination for citizens &more particularly when the nation is under the threat of a third wave of Coronavirus. It doesn't make any sense conducting the exams now.' says Mikaeel Memon. 'No examination without vaccination', says Samajwadi Party's Juhie Singh. 12th-grade students share their concerns. Listen in! . #ClassXIIConundrum

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