Death of pet pigeons in Alappuzha, police launch probe

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Death of pet pigeons in Alappuzha, police launch probe

Police launched a probe after 30 pet pigeons of an 11-year-old boy in Alappuzha were killed. Thirty ornamental pet pigeons nurtured by Christy Devasia, 11, in Cherthala, were found dead June 3. The family was in quarantine after Christy's grandfather Joseph was found to be coronavirus positive. The pigeons were in the cages behind the house and they were found dead when Christy's mother Minimol went to feed them. Bokhara Trumpeter, Modena, Hungarian Mix were among the missing varieties of pigeons. 

The family said that the birds were killed by humans and did not undergo any attack from other animals. After Joseph died of COVID-19, all family members went into quarantine. The complaint was given by Devasiyan Benny, father of Christy and his sibling. Both siblings had also had COVID-19. Christy lost his grandfather to the disease as well. The family told The Hindu that Christy showed signs of depression after the incident and that he took care of the birds.


Abhilash Maruthorvattom, Shakha Karyavah, RSS, told The Hindu that the birds were killed by CPI(M) activists as the family was helped by Seva Bharathi. Christy's father Devasia Benny had told The Hindu that Seva Bharathi, an organisation associated with Sangh Parivar, were serving them food while they were in quarantine.

Christy's mother, who was a CPI (M) activist, had criticised the party for not helping them during quarantine. However, the family had denied the allegations against CPI (M).  But Benny also said that they don't believe CPI(M) behind the killing of the birds. He said that though his wife expressed her displeasure with the party, weeks before that the birds were killed. 

Speaking to TNM, Muhamma Police also denied any political angle to the incident prima facie, and said that they will look into all angles.  They have registered a case based on the complaint filed by Benny.

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