Death-Defying Stunts Have Judges, Audience Reeling on ‘America’s Got Talent’

On America’s Got Talent, the judges, along with the audience, got a little more than they could handle when the Azeri Brothers took the stage. The stunts started off with the simple threat of one of the brothers being impaled if something were to go wrong. The last trick, which the judges all seemed to turn their backs on, could have been deadly.

Photo: NBC

For their first trick, one of the brothers drove a few long nails through a piece of wood with his hand. Next, he used his head. This already had the judges squirming, but that was just the warm-up. One of the judges, Heidi Klum, hit her buzzer before the next stunt even got fully underway.

The stunt began with the other brother, the one who did not perform the nail tricks, lying on a small bed of nails. No problem there. Been done before. But then came the specially crafted pitchfork. It had a handle at the top and a bar near the bottom. Not to mention that it had about a dozen spikes. They put the pitchfork on the guy’s stomach and another man stood on it.

Then, for their last trick, the Azeri Bothers asked for assistance from the audience, which dozens of possibly sadistic people enthusiastically volunteered for. The brothers weren’t even done setting up the trick before Howie Mandel hit his buzzer. This particular trick involved a shovel with a handle much like the pitchfork, but the Azeri Brothers weren’t going to waste anyone’s time simply risking a possibly fatal abdominal injury. This time, they risked a potentially fatal neck injury, like decapitation.

In the end, and with a little help from the audience, the Azeri Brothers were voted through to the next round.

Of the performance, Simon Cowell said, “Well, that was disgusting, but I loved it.”

Watch this deaf singer get the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent:

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