Dear Indian Cricketers, Have You Seen Jayawardene's Tweet Condemning Violence In Sri Lanka?

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    Sai Ram
    Why, when Shoab Mallik apologized to all the people of the desert cult for losing to India in 2007 world cup final, no one said any thing. When Afridi claimed Hindu hearts are impure and only desert cult hearts are pure, where was this writer. Sleeping or taking money from their masters and keeping their gob shut. Good job Viru and Gautham. We need more cricketers with the balls to stand up to the desert cult and tell them to get out our country.
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    pls remember viru is 8th grader and good only with bats.
    gautam gambhir, is 100 times more patriotic for a backward country and always unnecessarily spits poison against enemies.
    every preaching of wise learned saints are forgotten, that we all humans are equals and national boundaries cannot divide people heart to heart. we must fight together to finish, zealots, fanatics and extra adrenaline pumped robots, illness of society, backward thoughts, uneducated dramebaj like PM and focus on simplicity, world peace, economical progress, lessening of pollution, lessening of chudayi which adds burgeoning population, spread of love and affection.

    be it hindu or muslim or christian, all are brothers and sisters, where fkng religion , created just before 1000 years ago have divided entire human race.

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    devendra singh d
    Now media will decide about someones tweets. Cheap guys find ways to raise controversy . Did they speak about Pakistani singers /actors earning their livelihood in India not commenting on URI attacks. Even Salman khan said that it is responsibility of the government ,totally forgetting about his own responsibility for being an Indian citizen. Proud of IPL team owners except for SRK who still had a Pakistani as a bowling coach.
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    Here everybody should know that the core problem is islam, because you can see that wherever there are muslims there is problem, even peace loving buddhist people from Myanmar became so intolerant that they drove away the Rohingyas, and now it is happening in Sri Lanka. We know how these guys behave, and we are tolerating them since so many years.
    It is only because of their teachings, and if you want to know about islam, then you should read Ali Sina's book "Understanding Mohammad" which is available in pdf form.
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    Indian cricketers always hungry for more and more money. Desh jae bhad main - they do not care. Indian cricketers are always money oriented. We people and our media are making them big. They are nothing to do any constructive towards our country. They just playing game and earning money.
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    Dear Sanga,Mahela,Jayasurya,where were you when your sri lankan team made a joke in Delhi Test by not allowing Virat Kohli to score 300 runs?Your team Defamed INDIA by wearing Masks just for non healthy air.You are tweeting now because India and Bangladeshi players are in Sri Lanka now.Stop crocodile tears Sanga,mahela and All sri lankans now.We Indians never forgot how u DEFAMED INDIA in Delhi Test.You should be Proud of Indian and Bangladesi players as they are still in Srilanka desipte Emergency..I am sure..If This happenned in India or Bangladesh..Sri lankans would have run away ordering for special Healicaptors.Get a Life,Sanga,mahela and jayasurya..You never opened your mouths when your country men Insulted India in Delhi..
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    Why indian cricketer alone should take a lesson from Mahela, why not the film stars, other sports persons, famous models and other celebrities? Is there any film star who condemned any attack or rose his/her voice against any terror act in India?
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    Navroze Contractor
    Whatever people say about cricket players from other countries speaking out, our cricket players are gutless selfish ones. With these bunch I also include Bollywood stars, because both are so revered by our public. They play cricket as if nothing else is happening around them, as if they are in a bubble and nothing matters except their personal scores and bank statements. They don't even stand up for their own sport how can one expect anything else from them?
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    these cricketers ... u pay them, they speak for u... just like u
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    @Arun; The news of Tamil Hindus are being discriminated in Sri Lanka also fake then.Learnt to analyse and comment on anything with the broader knowledge of world political affair rather just write something for the sake of participation