Dear 18-Yr-Old Me, Forget That Boy – You’re About to Fall for SRK

Dear 18-year-old Mansi,

You silly, silly girl. You are so stubborn. It’s going to stay with you. Perhaps a little blunted by time but it won’t go away. You’ll still have a temper many years later and sometimes it’s going to come back and bite you in the bum. You’ll still have an ego. So much for a girl, some people will tell you. You don’t care. You don’t abuse just yet because haww – but in time, you’ll show these people a finger.

You’re still enjoying the last days of school. Hold on to these memories with your life. Sure, some friends will become distant. And some will come closer. The most popular ones will get married early and start popping out babies – something that will surprise you. The pig-tailed, bunny-teethed ones will transform into gorgeous beings. Some you thought had no potential will be making waves in their field.

Of these women, you will be jealous. That ego of yours is going to take a little bit of a beating then.

Mansi at 18 (L); Mansi at her current age. (Photo Courtesy: Mansi Shah)

You look in the mirror today and think, “If only these hips were smaller”. I hate to tell you this but they are going to fill out a little more. Okay, a lot more. Your metabolism is going to nose dive. You figure is gradually going to abandon any semblance to an hourglass and fiercely embrace a cylindrical shape. Your hips, not content with just being there, will occupy enough volume to be named the 8th continent.

Aah. You want to marry that boy! He can do no wrong. You’ll think he’s love of your life. Be careful, for your heart is going to crumble and shatter into a million pieces. And you’ll learn that it’s okay. At 28 or 30, you’ll still have moments where you think of him and sigh or smile. And sometimes, you’ll be relieved. Relieved that you didn’t marry a guy who wears sunglasses to a club. Yes, he’s that person now.

This is also the year that you will fall irrevocably for Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, he’s a star. Yes, he doesn’t know you exist but that won’t stop you. Not now, not ever. His disarming smile will give you all the feels. If you weren’t so smitten by your current boyfriend, you’d be trying to get naked and in bed with SRK. You’ll stay on this mission for life.

Most importantly, it’s now that you are full of contrasts. You rebel because you want to fit in. You toe the line to find new boundaries. You’ll love, laugh and lose. You’ll take it in your stride. But the best bit? You’ll learn that despite you having the most heated, teary arguments with your parents, you’ll never stop loving them. Or needing them. And it is them you’ll turn to in times of happiness, helplessness and everything in between.

Who knew?

Warm regards,
Mansi Shah