Dear 18 Year Old: Heartbreaks Happen, But You’ll Get Over Them

Dear 18-year-old Nayantara,

What’s up girl? Oh wait… you must be listening to Gabrielle’s ‘Out of reach’ on your CD player? Right? Well! You’ll be listening to it on loop for at least a month.’Cuz like the lyrics you did see the signs and you were blindly swept by him. Heartbreaks are meant to happen. So deal with it! They are speed breakers in your life. It’ll slow you down a bit but before you know it, you’ll pick up the speed and will be ready to embrace love again.

You know what’s hilarious? You’ll even make a breakup playlist also. Ya! That’s how silly you will be but don’t worry, I am proud of you.

You know it’ll take at least six years for you to understand that love tedha hai and it’ll not be that easy to find your prince charming. ’Cuz girl, you’re not going to settle for the first random guy that comes asking. Neither will you spend hours waiting and daydreaming for a perfect knight in shining armor to appear and sweep you off the feet, because I swear to you girl, waiting around feeling helpless is no fun at all. More importantly, you are no damsel in distress who needs a savior. You, dear Princess, will rule the world and find a Prince who would be totally Perfect-for-you. You will have the magic wand to swipe right. Oh shit! You don’t know what swiping right is. Ha ha ha! Don’t worry. That’s all you or your friends would be talking about in a couple of years, and trust me, it will change your life.

You’ll meet people you would have otherwise never met and people you’d wonder how you didn’t know already. In fact, you’ll even meet some of your Orkut and Facebook friends on it but you can always swipe left (reject). Now isn’t that ‘tinderesting’?

So wipe those tears ‘pushpa’ cause I hate tears… he he he.

Never settle for a man who doesn’t deserve you. (Photo: The Quint)

Forget about him – breaking up with him was painful but necessary. Also, here’s a secret - your friends never liked him anyway. It’s time to grab some ‘me time’ girl. Remember how you used to love going to your comfort place – the bookshop next to college – and read for hours? Or how you used to randomly go alone for movies? Those were fun days, right?

So let’s bring ’em back and enjoy the single life for a bit. Don’t be afraid of being alone - you never were, so why now? Don’t give in to #FOMO? Oh, I keep forgetting you haven’t yet been introduced to the hashtag lingo yet. FOMO is Fear of Missing out. Got it?

You’ll meet your Mr Right when the time is right. He’ll not just love you but also respect you. And that’s very important in a relationship.

Okay, enough of this gyan – let me give you some gossip darling. This almost boyfriend of yours you’re crying about now – the same dude –you’d find him totally uncool now.. I’m glad you didn’t settle for him because he is still a quitter, still unsorted about his life and still using the same jokes from eight years ago. You know what the cherry on the cake is? You’ll meet him when you’re around 26 and you’ll be at your A game (financially independent, beautiful and self-satisfied).

You’re awesome, Nayantara. Just enjoy life.’Cuz, YOLO! (You only live once)

Btw, I was kidding about that breakup playlist. You aren’t that lame!

Loving life,