How to Deal with Money Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic? Tips to Reduce Financial Pressure and Anxiety in These Uncertain Times

Tania Tarafdar

With the plunging stock market and growing unemployment, money can be the most significant cause of stress during these uncertain times. But despite the hardships, it is essential to stay calm. While most things are out of control right now, you can focus on the things you can do to make smart financial decisions. From what you should do to save money for an emergency fund, keep reading for tips to reduce anxiety and protect your financial health in the long run.

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Start Building Your Emergency Fund

Good for you if you already have an emergency fund, but if you don't, you must start saving now. If you have stable employment, start building some reserves. Also, ensure that you do not put your money on shopping or any new EMI during this time. Trim your expenses and create a cushion. Every bit counts! A Tidy House Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety, These Everyday Habits Will Make Your Home a Sanctuary During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Continue Making Your Credit Card Payments

If you have any credit card loan or debt, keep up with your monthly payments, so you do not have a considerable sum to pay when normalcy returns. If you are genuinely struggling, make sure to call your credit card companies and settle it down. You can request them for some rebate.  Your bank can give you a little buffer room on payments if money is tight. Coronavirus Outbreak: Ways To Reduce Stress, And Safeguard Your Mental Health During Lockdown.

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Cut All Unnecessary Expenses

When you are home, it is easy to keep track of your money. Things like credit card and internet bills are inevitable, but this is not the time for online shopping anymore. Make a list of your monthly expenses and aggressively trim wherever you can. Cut all non-essential things like your new Amazon Prime account or computer games. Also, call your car insurance or internet company and check for discounts or smaller packages that match your needs at a lower cost.

Make a Plan

While there are not too many things, you can do right now. You can always have a plan in place to safeguard your financial health. Make a realistic budget and try to stick to it. The goal is to know the minimum monthly expense you need to cover your bills in the next few months. Once you see that amount, you can make a plan. A plan will give you a sense of control during this chaotic time. Can't Stop Scrolling Down the Anxiety-Triggering Social Media Feed? Here's How to Stay Informed About COVID-19 Without Getting Stressed.

Consider this an opportunity to reevaluate your financial situation for the future. Keep up with the stock market and make smart money decisions. Do not let anxiety overpower your life!