Deadpool 2 teaser: Watch Ryan Reynolds flaunt his bare butt cheeks in new Deadpool sequel clip

Dishya Sharma
Deadpool movie

Logan released worldwide on Friday (March 3) and along with the Hugh Jackman's Wolverine which made its debut on the screen, Ryan Reynolds made an appearance with his butt cheek with the new Deadpool 2 teaser.

The reason behind Reynold's excitement for Logan has finally revealed as the actor's new Marvel movie teaser, Deadpool 2, made its debut before the screening of Logan on March 3. The four-minute clipping shows our favorite scared anti-hero announcing his return in the funniest way possible. The teaser, now available online, plays before the screening of Jackman's last outing as the Wolverine.

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The anti-hero is back and the Wolverine reference is prominent as Reynolds is seen heading into a movie theatre to watch Logan. But on his way, he comes across an old mugged man and he heads into a phone booth to change into his signature outfit. In the small, semi-transparent booth, viewers get a good glimpse of the actor's bare butt cheeks.

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In a typical Deadpool style, the fans are reminded why they fell in love with the character. While the badly scarred, wise-cracking killer couldn't save the elderly man from being shot dead, he lays next to the body and has a hilarious conversation with him.

You can watch the teaser here:

If you see closely, one side of the phone booth reads: "Nathan Summers cumming soon." This could indicate that the movie will feature Cable. The gun-wielding maniac from the future is supposed to be the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops). According to a website called Kotaku, Cable is said to be one of the most complicated characters from the Deadpool comics.

According to Reynolds' statement made during the Golden Globe Awards, the film's casting is yet to be confirmed while the actor chosen for Cable is yet to be finalised. For now, the fans have to be satisfied with the teaser. Those waiting for Deadpool will have to be patient till March 2018 to watch their favourite Marvel hero on the screen.

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