Deadpool 2: More than 2 new X-Men characters to feature in Deadpool sequel? Screenwriters drop MAJOR plot spoilers

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After Hugh Jackman's Wolverine wrapped up into a well-deserved ending, all eyes are set on Deadpool 2. The Deadpool sequel may not feature Jackman's X-Men character but recently, another X-Men actor who died in Logan, Sir Patrick Stewart, dropped major hints that he might be reprising his role as Professor X in the Deadpool sequel.

Now, teasing fans about Deadpool 2, screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have revealed that the movie will preview more new comic characters than just Domino and Cable. Talking to Latino-Review during the promotion of Life, the screenwriters hinted that there will be more obscure X-Men characters appearing in the movie.

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"Yeah, Cable and Domino grabbed the headlines on Deadpool. But there are definitely some more obscure characters that people know or that real diehards know that will be in there just by virtue of we need a new villain, and we need some new good guys to compliment (Deadpool), but it is growing. Of course, it will be all about the lunacy that is Deadpool himself," they told Latino-Review.

In an interview to, the duo revealed Cable's depiction in the sequel. "Ryan plays Deadpool with a hint of femininity, and I think that can be funny opposite a Cable who's über-masculine. That'll come into casting and performance and the character design and his wardrobe and things like that too. I think we'll definitely play into that," Rheet Reese shared.

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The duo also revealed that it is important to keep the emotional grounding for the sequel. "It's what we spent much of our last several years doing is teasing out the emotion of the story. The humour and all that is obviously going to be there, so now we're focusing on the emotion and such," Wernick said.

"Again, as you mentioned, Deadpool at the core was a love story and an emotional story, and we wanted to bring the audience to that same place in a different way on the sequel," he added.

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Deadpool 2 will introduce Cable, the time-travelling son of X-Men's Cyclops. The sequel will be directed by John Wick's David Leitch and Zazie Beetz from Hidden Figures fame has joined the cast as Domino. Deadpool 2 is scheduled to release in March 2018.

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