‘Deadliest Catch: Legend of Wild Bill’ Sneak Peek: The Captain’s Bold Beginning

“When I started crabbing, this was a no-rules world up here. We thought we were all invincible. It was crazy,” Capt. Wild Bill Wichrowski says in the one-hour Deadliest Catch special “Legend of Wild Bill,” premiering Tuesday. As you see in the exclusive clip above, it takes Deadliest Catch fans back to Wild Bill’s start during the Derby days, when he was hungry to move his way up the deck hierarchy.

“The guy running the crane was a friend of the owner’s, and twice he about crushed me with the pot a against the rail,” Wild Bill says of his first gig. “So in my calm, cool, collected self of the ’80s, I went over and I grabbed him by the hair, and we had these bins full of ground-up herring. I had him by the hair and I was burying his head in the ground-up herring, and Terry, the owner of the boat and captain, said, ‘Well, if you think you can do it better, go ahead.’ And I ran the hydros from then on.”

Deadliest Catch: Legend of Wild Bill airs June 6 at 8 p.m. on Discovery, ahead of a new episode of Deadliest Catch.

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