Dead Turtle Washes Ashore in Bali With Plastic in Intestine

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Two videos from Mexico and Bali, Indonesia, show how the world’s plastic waste has dangerously impacted marine life. Carelessly tossed away by humans, plastic pieces are making their way to water bodies, eventually being consumed by marine organisms like turtles.

While the first clip is from Mexico, where the sailor can be seen rescuing four sea turtles trapped in plastic fishing nets, using scissors, the second clip is from Bali, where a dead sea turtle washed up ashore with pieces of plastic in its intestines.

According to the United Nations, we produce about 3,000 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, of which only 9 percent end up being recycled, about 12 percent gets incinerated and the rest 79 percent is accumulated in landfills or dumped in the natural environment.

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Measures are being taken to reduce plastic usage, but are we all really pitching in to save the planet?

(With inputs from AP)

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