When Dwayne Leverock Took One of the Most Iconic Catches in World Cup History


Catches win matches, they say. But when Bermuda's Dwayne Leverock took one, he won hearts of cricket fans all across.

Bermuda had nothing to lose when they came out to play the 2007 World Cup held in West Indies. With their group matches lined against Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh, the underdogs weren't expected to attract many eyeballs until one man changed it for them forever.

On March 19, 2007, Dwayne Leverock pulled off a stunner to reserve a special place in the history books. Standing at about 280 pounds, the big man was guarding the slips during Malachi Jones' first over of the match when Indian opener Robin Uthappa edged one.

Not willing to let it go, Leverock dived full-length to his right and pouched a remarkable one-handed catch to send the Indian batsman packing.

But that was just the beginning.

Leverock completed the athletic catch with illustrious celebrations and a victory lap in Queen's Park Oval, Trinidad. There was no catching him.

Marking its 12th year anniversary on Tuesday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) shared the iconic moment with cricket fans that catapulted the Leverock to overnight fame.

Fans, who have fond memories of the match, celebrated the catch.

The clip was also shared by the official account of ICC Cricket World Cup on Twitter. In a fitting tribute to Leverock, the @cricketworldcup's Twitter handle also changed its header image.


India eventually piled up 413 runs on the board and won the match by 257 runs.