Daughter's Day 2019: These Emotional Ads by Star Plus, Google, Tanishq And Other Brands Highlight the Beautiful Parent-Daughter Relationship

Team Latestly

The beautiful relationship between a daughter and her parents is being celebrated across the country on August 22 this year. It is the day to honour the daughters of the family. Different countries mark this day on different dates and in India, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. So Daughter's Day 2019 falls on September 22 this year. National Daughters Day 2019 Date and Information: Everything About the Day for Celebrating Girls and Women.

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On the occasion of Daughter's Day, LatestLY has curated a list of five ads which might not have been released on this specific occasion, but they highlight the purity of this relationship.


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Tanishq's ad for Rivaah mirrors a father's feeling during her daughter's marriage.

Google India

This beautiful ad by Google India shows how a daughter makes her mother take the first step in the vast world of internet. Other than highlighting the beautiful mother-daughter bonding, this ad also aimed to empower women with the help of internet.

Friend's Diaper

This ad is a beautiful story of a father and a daughter which highlights the message 'Celebrate Her, By pledging to fight your own battles this Daughter's Day'

Star Plus

The Star Plus ad titled 'Nayi Soch' spoke about gender equality. Portraying the role of a proud father of two daughters, who are using their intelligence in harnessing the power of the internet to expand his business.


This is a story of a dad whose life revolves around his daughter, from encouraging her to play sports and move ahead in life. But at each an every step, he refers to her as 'Beta' or Son. The film talks about the need to not only change your thinking but also your habit.

LatestLY wishes all our readers a very Happy Daughter's Day.