Daughter Suffering from Depression Dies After Mother Accidentally Sends Angry Emojis On Facebook

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An English woman suffering from severe anxiety died of a cardiac arrest after her mother accidently sent her hundreds of angry emojis on Facebook.

According to the Mirror, Shabina Miah, 33, had put up a footage on her social media page showing her evening out at the circus. But when her mother Angela Miah saw the footage, instead of pressing the like button ended up sending hundreds of angry emoji faces due to her faulty iPad.

The reaction led to Shabina blocking her mother and refused to talk to her. When her mother tried to talk to her, it snowballed into an argument. The next morning the mother found Shabina dead in bed.

Tests showed she had suffered congestive cardiac failure and traces of cocaine were found in her body. Shabina had a history of depression and diabetes and had previously taken two overdoses.

Angela was quoted by the media outlet said that her daughter was suffering from depression and anxiety and after a brief interval began taking her medicines again.

“Shabina was in a very confused and dark place,” said Angela adding that after the argument she wanted to see her daughter and tried to call her but couldn’t get through.

She said: ‘I was quite hysterical at the time and I knew that she had gone. The emergency man on the phone telling me to do CPR but I knew it was too late.’

According to the Mirror, Assistant Coroner Michael Wallbank recorded a conclusion of drug related death and said: ‘It is clear Shabina had used cocaine prior to her death, possibly to counter her state of mind, but there is no evidence to suggest she took a particular excessive amount.’