Daughter First: Divorced Juhi Parmar And Sachin Shroff Spend Movie Time With Their 6-Year-Old Samaira

Last year, KumKum actress Juhi Parmar’s separation news made headlines. The couple who tied the knot on February 2009 ended their 9-year marriage on June 25. Post their divorce, the couple was not to be seen together. Until, they came for a screening together on May 22.

A well placed source informs SpotboyE.com that Juhi and Sachin watched the film Aladdin with their daughter Samaira. As usual, the media was there to cover the stars who were marking their appearance at the screening. As soon as the ex-couple discovered that the paps were there, they nicely tried to avoid the media and made a back-gate entry and exit. However, their attempt got foiled as an eye-witness saw them and informed us.

We promptly sent a message to Juhi and Sachin, which apparently led them to issue a joint statement in an hour’s time. The statement reads as follows:

“We are parents first and the decision was mutual to set aside all our differences and concentrate on giving our daughter the best upbringing possible. Being divorced shouldn’t change our parenting for our daughter. We are in a positive zone and requesting the media fraternity to support us in the same!”

The couple ended their 9-year-old marriage last year and it was an ugly split. Sachin Shroff had opened up on the divorce with a leading daily and that led Juhi to put up a post, replying to the actor on Instagram. Next, the actress spoke to us exclusively right after her divorce wherein she opened up on life as a single parent. We reproduce the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BELOW:

Well, even though Juhi-Sachin had an ugly divorce in 2018, it seems like they are letting their bitterness for each other fade away, and as they said, they are doing their parenting duties to the fullest, which is indeed heartwarming to see.

Image Source:- Clicklancashire

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