Data of 7 Mn Indian Users Breached at Service Centres: Israeli Co

The data of approximately 7 million users in India has been breached and is available on a public domain as per vpnMentor, a cybersecurity firm in Israel.

According to a report in The Times of India (TOI), vpnMentor discovered a breach where the data of millions of users was exposed while onboarding them to the BHIM app.

The exposed data also included images of individuals' Aadhaar cards and UPI identifiers onboarded by associates of common service centres (CSC) of e-Governance Services India.

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The breach was discovered by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, who are members of the vpnMentor research team.

"“We detected the breach on 23 April and contacted India’s CERT (central emergency response team) on 29 April, and until last week the data continued to be available.”   " - Noam Rotem to TOI

In response to the vpnMentor statement, the CSC e-Governance Service said, data points like merchant virtual payment address (VPA) were kept public for wider transparency of the system.

Along with the above, static pages of the portal, PDF files, e-text, pictures, and awareness videos were also kept public.

"“The project did not did not involve taking Aadhaar data of any merchant, therefore there is no question of any personal identifiable information such as Aadhaar data to be made public.”" - CSC e-Governance Service of India to TOI

They also said that the data has been hosted on Indian servers located within the country's borders.

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