Dark Chocolate, Turmeric Milk Help Boost Immunity Amid Covid, See Govt's Diet Advisory

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Dark chocolate, turmeric milk, protein rich foods are some of the items suggested by the Centre for those recovering from COVID-19. In a post on mygovindia Twitter handle, the government suggested a general diet plan which would help boost immunity and help maintain muscle strength and energy as the pandemic rages across the country.

“The main focus for COVID patients is to consume foods that would help rebuild muscle, immunity and energy levels,” it read.

COVID-19 leads to a loss of taste and sense in patients and they further lose appetite and find it difficult to swallow food. It may also cause muscle loss and so the government guideline advised eating soft foods at small intervals and to add amchoor to the food items.

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The list also consisted of at least five servings of fruits and vegetable so as to get adequate vitamins and minerals. Further, it suggested people to consume a small amount of dark chocolate with at least 70 per cent cocoa to help tackle anxiety during the illness. Among the suggested items was the traditional Indian mix of milk and turmeric, which is known to boost immunity and help heal injuries and inflammation.

Earlier, the government has also advised the people against following unscientific home remedies to cure COVID-19 or its symptoms as the rising cases in the country create panic. The government advisory also suggested regular physical activity and breathing exercise advised, as per tolerance.

Here’s What a Covid Patient’s Diet Should Include:

  • Whole grains like ragi, oats and amaranth are advised.
  • Good sources of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, soy, nuts and seeds.
  • Healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, olive oil and mustard oil.
  • 5 servings of coloured fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals.
  • Small amounts of dark chocolate with at least 70 per cent cocoa to get rid of anxiety.
  • Turmeric milk once a day to boost immunity.
  • Eating soft foods at small intervals and adding amchoor in the food.
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