Darjeeling’s Iconic Bakery Glenary’s is Giving Away Free Bread to Needy Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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India has ensured all the necessary measures to fight the novel Coronavirus. From enforcing complete lockdown to the restricting movement of people in larger groups, the government is taking every precautionary step possible at this time.

While the government has announced that the functioning of essential services, which include ration, grocery, newspaper, electricity, water and others will continue, a lot of people might face difficulties due to faraway locations of these shops.

To help people in the time of crisis, a bakery in Darjeeling has come forward and offered a heartwarming gesture. In a Facebook post shared on March 23, the bakery named Glenary’s stated that the bakery will give free bread to people from 6 am till the stocks last.

“Dear people of Darjeeling, our bakery is opened today with a fresh batch… This is our small effort to help our community. Keep a safe distance when you come to the bakery”.

This comes as a helpful gesture is such times, when the ration shops are going empty within seconds. A number of states and union territories have announced complete lockdown and curfew, to ensure that people maintain social distance and follow quarantine.

While there has been no new case of COVID-19 in New Delhi, the tally of other states in increasing. The number of confirmed cases in Maharashtra has reached 101 and the state tally of Gujarat is at 33.