Dargah of Naugaja Peer serving as a symbol of religious harmony

New Delhi, March 15 (ANI): Situated in the capital city of New Delhi, the shrine of Sufi Saint Mubarak Baba Naujaga Peer Sahib has served as a cynosure of communal harmony for generations which is thronged by a large number of devotees every day from across the nation, irrespective of their religion. Regarded as one of the greatest Sufi saints, Naugaja Peer throughout his life spread the message of Sufism and peace. Whether one is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or from any other community, it is believed that the saint fulfils the wishes of everyone. Located in the Wazirabad area, the Dargah of Naugaja Peer is believed to hold special significance out of the many religious sites that are present in the national capital. There is a story that the saint’s height is around 27 feet tall or 9 gaj. Also known as Mubarak Baba, the saint is believed to ensure safe journeys and completion of all works related to the betterment of humanity in his times. The shrine is regularly visited by devotees belonging to different faiths from Delhi and nearby areas. At his shrine devotees offer a 9 gaj chaadar or shawl for the fulfilment of wishes. The solidarity among the different religious communities has remained a hallmark of India’s unity since time immemorial and examples of religious and peaceful co-existence like these could be witnessed from the length and breadth of the country.