Dare to do a Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is known for many things, from being the perfect hubby to Deepika Padukone, to being one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood and most definitely known for donning the wackiest outfits effortlessly. The actor never shies away from experimenting with his looks and style and is often spotted in outrageous clothes.

One thing that really impresses his fans is how comfortably the star flaunts his quirky choices. “He is an amalgamation of different varieties, and possesses the quality of wearing extreme attires, which has its own aura. He has a euphoric sense of style.

People go to watch Ranveer Singh in a film or personally, they get flabbergasted just with a glimpse of the star,” declares designer Juhi Sethi. His ‘don’t care too much attitude’ makes him wear his heart—which is edgy, eccentric and beautifully coloured—on his sleeve and that’s what wins him extra brownie points.

Keep it varied

You may love or hate his style, and his clothes, but you can't help but give him the attention he seeks wearing them. Our man here can pull off a skirt, a psychedelic print and a Rajasthani kurta, all in the same breath.

If you try to think of any fashion fundas that Ranveer follows in terms of choice of garments, colours, drama factor and attitude, it becomes clear that he does not seem to follow any rules.

“His sense of individuality and eclectic taste allows him to think out of the box and break fashion norms. And he is usually seen in bright colours, bold prints and off beat silhouettes,” states designer Hemant Sagar.

Standout factor

According to Juhi, Ranveer always plumps for outfits that make him look different from everyone around. “He selects outfits, which people can’t even think of wearing. We can’t help notice his eccentric appearance in world that largely conforms when it comes to fashion. But he makes sure it looks impeccable on him,” she further adds.

Hue & cry

When it comes to colours then he indeed goes the whole hog. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Ranveer Singh has always been a divergent character in Bollywood. “Ranveer Singh once said, ‘I really enjoy doing cameos. It’s just a day’s work, and you get to play a new character.’ Whatever he wears, suits his whims and fancies,” mentions Juhi.

Comfort factor

One has to be a little whimsical in order to be like Ranveer Singh as he sets a great example on how to have fun with fashion while standing out from the crowd. His idiosyncrasy is worth praising. However, when dressing to stand out, it’s important that one must feel comfortable in their own skin.

Stay unpredictable

“The key is to be yourself and be open to taking risks,” says Hemant. Dare to be unpredictable. Try moulding ’70s and ’80s fashion in a modern way, and always carry pop colors. “Choose edgy avant garde style and follow neon colours,” suggests fashion trend forecaster Ankit Sood. Kinnary Panchamia recommends,

“Take a colour that looks fab on you with a twisted style. Follow the trend forecast and use that element and make it larger than life in looks.” Make sure each OOTD that you wear has a story to tell and then definitely you are arresting all the attention.

Experimental celebrities

Ankit says, “Ranveer Singh, for me is some kind of energy booster. He still says that crazy is yet to come and he is big fan of Lady Gaga’s style dressing.” He adds, “There is no other celebrity who is at par with Ranveer Singh but Karan Johar, Ayushmann Khuranna, Badshah and Diljit Singh are still quite playful with their luxury styling aesthetics.”

Hemant opines, “Kalki has a refined sense of style that has evolved over the years. She seamlessly blends European fits with Indian prints and vice versa, making for quirky yet classic ensembles.” However, designer Kinnary Panchamia votes for Sonam Kapoor, Govinda and Heidi Klum.

Men of the world, are you ready to carry off fluffy slip-ons, pyjamas and maybe later skirts too?!