Danish Zehen’s Mother Requests People Not To Say Wrong About Her Son; Aly Goni & Others React!

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Danish Zehen death shocked everyone. The 21-year-old YouTuber passed away in a horrific car accident. Many things were said about Danish's death. A few, including Shilpa Shinde, claimed that it is a murder (not an accident) and requested the police to investigate. Previously, a maulvi had visited Danish's family and asked them to upload a message on his channel saying he chose the wrong path and was punished. Another maulvi had bad-mouthed Danish and spoke against his lifestyle. The video had gone viral.

Recently, we reported that the maulvi, despite video proof, had claimed that he was misquoted. He had even apologised. Now, religious heads, actors and even Danish's mother & brother have reacted to maulvi's video.

Danish’s Brother Is Fed Up Of Answering To Such Things!

About Maulvi's speech, Danish's brother Gufran Mulla was quoted by Mid-day as saying, "We are fed up of answering to such things. Even now, we don't want to comment; just let my brother rest in peace and pray for him. Nobody has contacted me or my family. But there is another Maulana who said similar things, and after his video went viral, he called us and apologised for his statement. However, I have not received any calls from Sadiq Razvi ji."

Danish’s Mother Request People Not To Say Anything Wrong About Her Son

Danish's mother told the leading daily, "I humbly request everyone not to say anything wrong about my son, who was innocent. He lived his life the way he wanted. If he did something wrong, Allah will forgive him."

She Asks Fans Not To Hurt Their Parents

"I want to tell all of his fans to never hurt their parents and always listen to them. I say this because a lot of parents have come up to me saying their children are depressed or are behaving indecently. Please pray for my son and don't say anything wrong about him."

Actor Raza Murad Says…

"So many Muslims work in Bollywood. This is totally deplorable. You are talking nonsense about a dead person. Who are you to point fingers at someone? If somebody has sinned, that is between him and Allah, who are you to use such language? By making such statements, you are making a joke out of yourself."

Aly Goni Says….

"This is so disturbing to hear about a person who is dead. Islam never allows this. I think nobody has the right to judge him because of his profession. That is between him and Allah, and all of us should always pray for him. We are all human and all of us do wrong things in our lives. Even the Maulana who is saying all of this must have done something wrong in his life."

Belly Dancer Eshan Hilal Says…

"It is so unfortunate that a young, harmless human is dead and no shame has been maintained in disgracing him. For how long are we going to abuse dancers and singers and shame them or outcaste them? It's our life, and every individual has the right to live the way they want to. Only god can judge our deeds."

Islamic Scholar Reacts To Maulvi’s Video

An Islamic scholar Mufti Manzur Ziyaee says, "I've watched this video and I can tell you that this is not at all accepted in Islam. Using such words for a dead person is a sin, and one should not misrepresent any religion in such a manner."

Assunnah Islamic Foundation’s Founder Says…

Assunnah Islamic Foundation's founder, Maulana Fayaz Ahmed Barkati says, "This is highly regrettable and against the high values of Islam. No Islamic speaker is allowed to use such words against a dead person. I watched the video, and the Maulana should apologise for what he said."

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