Daniela Marie – The 29 year old entrepreneur that leads by example

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Committed to helping over 100,000 women & men generate a passive income utilizing social media, Daniela Marie, a young 29-year-old entrepreneur has made it possible for herself through her money-making digital marketing model called Work From Anywhere Boss Builders (WFABB). Her company welcomes people from all walks of life and dresses them for success to rake in maximum money by working within and outside of their own comfort zones.

“This business helps people in multiple ways, not just financially, but by elevating their mindset, confidence and overall acquiring the skills and levels of leadership in order to thrive in multiple aspects of life,” says Daniela.

Started in the pandemic period of September 2019, WFABB has gone great guns in no time – granting a power to a family of 1700+ members, of which a majority are leveraging the power of network marketing to promote the beauty and wellness line by Monat (a manufacturer of scientifically-backed, vegan and cruelty -free beauty products) and making enough commissions to earn a handsome living.

WFABB is not only scaling the dizzy heights of success by granting cash-strapped individuals the license to print money, but it also ensures that only the BEST products are promoted via its influencers. They have gone from being local to global and have teams in New York, California, Miami, United Kingdom and more. The platform is in direct alliance with a trusted company like Monat. It’s this approach that has made WFABB hit the high notes in the industry and receive positive feedback from the market of every state it has stepped in.

“The future goals I intend to do with this business is helping others generate a 6-7 figure income and introduce them to the life they didn’t think was possible for themselves & their families. I aim to inspire others who are like me. I had no experience in online business but I was eager to learn & dedicated to my goals. I knew I needed to have an open mind, be coachable & have unwavering faith,” commented Daniela Marie.

WFABB is driven by a mission to help people elevate mentally, financially & spiritually – with a community of like minded women & men, we aim to bubble out from the penny-pinching life and earn an income based off of our value & hard work ethic. Talking about her entrepreneurial journey and her sentiments compared to the 9-5 lifestyle, Daniela says:

“I was inspired to become an entrepreneur at a young age, I knew that working for someone else was not for me. I had drive, hustle & dedication to design the lifestyle through my own vision of what success looks like. I started my entrepreneur journey in 2016. I opened my own lash extension business while I was working in the waitressing industry – I started it in my parents’ basement & over the course of 5 years I grew it to be my full-time income working 10 am-8 pm, 6 days a week. I loved everything that came with being an entrepreneur, such as time freedom, financial freedom, the ability to create my own schedule & not having a boss to address too.”

Daniela also considers the Covid-pandemic as a real eye-opener for her to realize the potential of making money online and how it can help the masses generate passive income regardless of the economic conditions.

“When the pandemic hit in march of 2020 – I was forced to close my doors due to the lockdown. My lash extension business was the only source of income I had at the time and I knew that I had to start growing with the times and working smarter instead of harder. Technology isn’t slowing down, 20 years ago we didn’t have the ability to make an income through our phones…this is the new normal. That’s when the online world started to intrigue me, that’s when I quickly grew an interest in learning how I can help multiple people during this difficult time.”

Apart from managing her company affairs, Daniela Marie has her soul infused with a grand passion of doing good on God’s green earth. She is very supportive towards budding entrepreneurs and always there put in a good word.

“3 pieces of advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Always remain a student

  • There is never a shortage of knowledge, the more you learn the more you can teach.

  • Don’t be scared of failure – in order to be successful you need to fail – fail often & fail forward. Enjoy the journey – it’s often the best part that people forget to stop & celebrate.”

You can get connected with Daniela on Instagram at @Danielaa.mariee

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