Dangers of Mineral Water: Here’s Why You Should Never Drink Plastic Bottled Water Again!

Tania Tarafdar

If you Googled 'Is bottled water safe?’ you likely found yourself flooded with countless sources saying that it is not. If you go in-depth of the information, you will find that much of the hullabaloo has to do more with the water bottles than the water itself. But it turns out that there are few particles in bottled water which makes it unsafe to drink. Here's every reason why you may want to ditch bottled water for filtered tap water.

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1. The Bottled Water May Be Sourced From Tap

The depiction of that peaceful mountain on the bottle might trick you into thinking that you got your hands on the purest form on drinking water, but that might not be true. According to a report by Natural Sources Defence Council, 25 percent of bottled water sold in the market is sourced from the tap. The water is then radiated or filtered before being sold at a substantial price. How to Cook Vegetables Without Losing Their Nutrients: 4 Rules to Remember

2. Bottled Water May Contain Traces of Arsenic and Mould

To makes things worse, traces of phthalate, arsenic, and mould have also been found in bottled water over the years. It is only recently that the FDA started regulating bottled water for E.coli. Simple Food Rules to Follow for a Long and Happy life

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3. Plastic Bottles Leach Chemicals into Water

Companies manufacturing bottled water have increasingly started to use BPA-free plastic. Still, there are other potentially harmful chemicals in plastic that leach into the water when they are exposed to heat. Some of these chemicals are endocrine disrupters that could mess with the hormones in your body. What Is Mediterranean Diet? Important Tips and Diet Plan for Beginners

4. Plastic Bottles Pollute the Environment

Plastic bottles are resource-intensive, and each one comes with a hefty carbon footprint. Besides, it is tough to tell whether the plastic you are using is being recycled properly. Let us not forget that what we drink for a few minutes can stick around for a thousand years. By avoiding bottled water, you can do your bit to ensure that the plastic does not sit around in the landfill.

That said, tap water is also far from crystal clear in most parts of our country. The best thing is to do is to drink boiled or filtered water and store them in glass, steel or copper bottles for further use. By doing this, you not only live healthily but also join a movement for sustainable living.