Dangerous driver calls 999 to order police to ‘abort’ high-speed chase

Peter Stubley
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Samuel Birch falsely claimed to have a child in his car as he was pursed by police: Northumbria Police
Samuel Birch falsely claimed to have a child in his car as he was pursed by police: Northumbria Police

A dangerous driver called 999 during a high-speed police chase to demand officers stop their pursuit.

Samuel Birch, 30, falsely claimed he had a child in his car as he ignored red lights and drove on the wrong side of the road towards Newcastle city centre.

“Abort the f****ing chase now,” he told the emergency operator as they pleaded with him to stop his Vauxhall Corsa.

Birch added: “I’m not stopping. I’m going to take this **** off the bridge. I’m going off the f***ing bridge.”

He was eventually arrested after a pursuing police car forced him into a 180-degree spin and blocked off his escape near St James’ Park football stadium.

Birch is now facing a prison sentence after admitting including dangerous driving and failing to stop during an appearance at Newcastle Crown Court.

“From start to finish this was an appalling piece of driving that could have ended with a serious collision if Birch continued to drive into the city centre,” said investigating officer PC Darren Lant.

“He was speeding when he was spotted by officers and, knowing he was already wanted by police, he decided to take his chances in his pursuit.

“His behaviour behind the wheel after that was atrocious and he put lives at risk through his reckless attempts to avoid police.”

Dashcam footage released by Northumbria Police shows Birch speeding off after officers tried to signal him to pull over on Denton Road on 29 March this year.

Birch, who was wanted by police for unrelated offences of malicious communications, led police on a chase towards Newcastle city centre.

At one point officers spotted him holding his phone out of the window as if he was attempting to “livestream” the pursuit.

He then makes a 999 call and tells the operator: “Hello I’m getting chased by the police on West Road, I’m in the silver Corsa. Tell them to abort the f****ing chase. I’ve got a minor on board.”

Birch, of Maple Street, Ashington, was released on bail and banned from driving until his sentencing hearing on 21 December.

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