Dance has helped us reach out to millions across the world: Team Naach

A. Kameshwari
YouTubers Team Naach and DanceFit Live celebrates International Dance Day.

On International Dance Day, tell us about your introduction to this art form? Was it love at first try?

Team Naach: 100% love! We didn't realize how happy teaching and dancing made us until we took our first class. It changed everything for us. Dance has helped us reach out to millions across the world and has brought so many people together.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: Dance was love even before trial. Ishpreet was from corporate world and I was a lawyer. We left those streams and accepted dance as a full-time career just out of a passion for this. We are living our dream every day and stay on cloud nine like we are in love.

How far do you think has the dance scene come in India?

Team Naach: With the help of social media, dance has evolved. People can now reach out and connect with their favorite dancers or even be inspired by their dance styles via videos. It has helped make dance and content creation a viable career option.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: I feel the acceptance is growing exponentially. We used to be criticized for choosing dance as a career after leaving our mainstream professions. However, nowadays I see people coming from all sorts of backgrounds standing up and choosing dance as a career, even in smaller cities like Nashik.

We see dancers being very influenced by western styles. Don't you think we should also seek inspiration from Indian dance forms? What measures are you taking to ensure the same?

Team Naach: There is nothing wrong with being inspired by Western dance forms. After all, dance is about creative expression. Having said that, we enjoy creating content which is Bollywood or using regional music and we will continue to do so. We have previously created content on Malayalam & Tamil songs.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: Dance is not limited to boundaries and cultures or even to say nations. Yes, we do Western styles but our love for classical dance is abundant. I, for the fact, do a lot of Kathak and semi-classical dance routines. We always teach such routines in our class to make them better understand expressions, story-telling and rhythm.

With so much competition now, how do you plan to take your uniqueness forward?

Team Naach: Create perse content with not only Western but Indian styles as well. Also, have some very interesting collaborations with other creators & artistes.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: We don't bother much about the competition. In a unique way, competition has helped us realize a lot of things which we thought aren't possible for Youtubers. We appreciate all the dancers and choreographers around and truly love the sense of passion they bring out. We would love if more and more people come out and start uploading videos on YouTube.

What's the fear when it comes to being a YouTuber?

Team Naach: The channel being taken down would be the worst thing ever.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: Fear of being forgotten is always there with us. It's a fast world. Better and better people are coming every day. We try our best to keep bringing the best out of ourselves. Other than that we feel the digital world is booming and we have nothing to fear as of now!

What will be your message to all the YouTubers, especially dancers?

Team Naach: Be consistent and put in the hard work to create very good content. Also, continue learning and exploring different dance styles because it is never too late to start learning.

Tejas from DanceFit Live: If we could do It, you can do it for sure. Coming from a small city, no money, nothing to create content with or even to say nothing to look up to. We did it with our passion. We kept failing but we stood up again. Keep doing what you love and believe in it. It will come true.