Dalit Beaten to Death for Throwing Holi Colour on Upper Caste Man

Pradeep was beaten till he was unconscious.

The festival of Holi turned bloody after a Dalit man was allegedly thrashed to death by policemen for throwing colour on an upper caste man in Koderma, Jharkhand, a Hindustan Times report said on Thursday.

The widow of 52-year-old Pradeep Choudhary said that the victim, along with other people, sprinkled colour on a local chowkidar Rajendra Yadav in festive spirit.

Yadav took offence to the action and called police “to teach the group a lesson.”

“Police started beating up Pradeep till he fell unconscious. They then took him to the police station,” HT quoted Pradeep’s widow Jashwa Devi.

Pradeep was sent home the next morning after which his family immediately took him to the Koderma Sadar hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The family also alleged that they went to meet Pradeep after he was taken to the police station, but were abused over their caste.