Daler Mehndi Mighty Impressed by Cop Who Sang 'Bolo Ta Ra Ra' for Traffic Awareness

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After the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) 2019, came into force this September, traffic police are using innovative ways to ensure that commuters adhere to traffic rules.

Now, a video of a Chandigarh Traffic cop is creating buzz on social media.

In the video, the cop was seen singing a tweaked version of Daler Mehndi's 1995 hit Bhangra number "Bolo Ta Ra Ra". Through this song, the cop was raising awareness among citizen about parking rules.

The lyrics were tweaked by the cop as he managed traffic and warned drivers about the repercussions of parking at the wrong place. He was seen gesturing citizens, asking to take their car to the right parking area.

"Okay, parking mein jaao. Very good. Thank you," he said while singing. Daler Mehndi the video, saying that he is "glad" that his song was used by the traffic police to inspire people to follow rules.

The lyrics further went like this: “Traffic police teri car chukk lai gai, traffic police teri car chukk lai gai, chori hogi, chori ho gayi sochti reh gayi, bolo tara rara. Gaddi nu crane lai gai, bolo tara rara. (Traffic police might have towed your vehicle for parking in the no parking zone, and you might be thinking that it has been stolen.)"

Singer Daler Mehndi himself took to Twitter to share the video of the Chandigarh Traffic Police cop singing the modified version of his song.

He captioned the post, "I am glad that my music is used by Traffic police to inspire people to follow rules. Happiness Means Daler Mehndi Celebration Means Daler Mehndi Thank you for your love and Support."

Since being shared, the video has already been viewed over 16,000 times. People also praised the Chandigarh Traffic Police cop and also Daler Mehndi in the comments section of the post.