Dal Lake's water sports are back!

Srinagar's Dal Lake once again has regained its charm of water sports activities after months of halt. The lockdown shut all the sports activities in the Valley and bound people to stay in their houses for months to safeguard themselves from COVID-19. Now, authorities have allowed several sports activities in the union territory as things are getting normal day by day. The water sports athletes took sigh of relief and participated in the event with full enthusiasm. Water sports activities include swimming, canoeing and kayaking etc. Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as a talent hub of the country as youths here are excelling in different fields and making the union territory and country proud. Youths here are engaging themselves with sports and cultural activities and saying no to drugs and anti-social activities. Administration here is also encouraging the youths and providing them all the facilities so that they can excel in their respective fields. Dal Lake is a world famous water body which attracts a large number of tourists every year from across the world. Such water sports activities will also help attract adventure enthusiasts towards the Valley.