Dakota Matos Launches 12 Stories in the Horror and Children Niche

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Dakota Matos, prolific author of a dozen stories, has expanded his repertoire to include both adult horror and children’s works. He was first inspired to write after realizing that stories were developing in his mind throughout his day-to-day life as he interacted with the dark realities of our world. Writing became a full-blown passion for Matos in 2019 after he read the works of J. R. R. Tolkein.

In horror, Matos’s work is intended for an adult audience. Fans of a broad variety of subgenres will appreciate Matos’s gritty plots, unnerving environments, and speculative elements. What Happened to the Tucker Family? juxtaposes the beautiful natural scenery of West Virginia with a grim tale of secrets and unusual happenings as a family embarks on a summer trip.

Matos’s children’s fiction is appropriate for an upper middle grade and young adult audience. He explores themes of belongingness, acceptance, and the challenge of growing up that will resonate with many young readers. The Students is a two-part story that follows seven students who enroll in the same boarding school, where they must learn how to be successful in their new home.

Matos hopes that his work will allow him to connect with readers and share his thoughts, both overt and subtle, through his writing.

Dakota Matos is an author residing in Maryland with 12 stories published at the moment. He practices writing horror but is looking to expand to other genres of literature. For free versions of his stories, you can visit his Wattpad page: https://www.wattpad.com/user/DakotaMatos For help with editing, please visit his Etsy page: DakotaIGhostIWriting. To follow his Twitter, please visit @matos_page. To contact Matos directly, please email: dakota.matos@yahoo.com