Dakota Elder discusses the growth he has planned for 2021

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After growing up in a small town in Utah known as Smithfield, Dakota Elder was faced with a quick reality after the loss of his father. Dakota was never really one to be social throughout high school as he always felt the need to take care of his father. He realized that he needed to be more active through social media platforms and find a voice for himself.

Dakota hopes that through 2021 he will be able to gain over 10 million followers and he believes that he will be able to meet this milestone if he remains consistent with his work. Dakota enjoys making videos and still talks about his favourite video which was him pretending to be a nerd and go into a gym and dunk on many people. Dakota takes his Tiktok very seriously and looks to continue to grow his audience throughout this new year. Although many people have risen to the occasion of pursuing Tiktok, Dakota is in no rush to stop doing what he loves.

Dakota says that he doesn’t put any attention towards the hate and negativity and focuses on the importance of kindness. He makes a lot of content that makes his viewers laugh at and enjoy and he looks to continue doing that.

Watch out for Dakota Elder in the future and for his future endeavors by following him on his social media: https://www.instagram.com/dakota.elder/, https://www.tiktok.com/@dakota.e

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