Daifuku introduces advanced airport facility

Exhibition of largest logistics companies in Asia, "Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018" was held in Tokyo. In the exhibition, "DAIFUKU" which develops world level logistics system technology for material handling was attracting the attention of many visitors. At "DAIFUKU" booth, Check-in counter like that at the airport was built, and the latest product of "SELF BAG DROP (SBD)" was announced.During departure process, passenger first performs facial recognition, operates device, and receives package tag. The passenger puts the baggage on a dedicated conveyor. The technology to read barcode and structure makes it easy for passengers to place luggage. And it is contained in the technology cultivated in the operation of material handling in factories and warehouses. Many airport operators around the world are planning to introduce "Smart airport" system that utilizes AI technology, such as digitizing, shortening the waiting time for automation, providing timely information to passenger, and reducing the trouble of baggage loss. This theater is "4D BAGGAGE JOURNEY" to introduce the technology of "Daifuku" in the airport. Along with the trajectory of luggage flowing through the airport, visitors can learn about material handling technology. This technology which cannot be usually seen becomes more familiar through "SELF BAG DROP". The high technology of "DAIFUKU" with its accuracy, efficiency, and swiftness will contribute to our daily lives and will become more familiar in the future.