Dahod’s 71-year-old Jeminiben Nurses Coronavirus Patients with Full Alacrity

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken the country in its grip. While people are scared of getting infected through contacts, 71-year-old matron Jeminiben Joshi in the Zydus Hospital in Dahod is different.

Matron Joshi is nursing covid patients without getting intimidated by the fear of infections. People wonder to see the courage of this 71-year-old as even medical staff of the hospital are too scared to come near the patients and are afraid of losing their jobs.

Jeminiben respects all and she works with her fellow staff and patients by wearing smiles on her face. Even at this age, she has no health issues and she wishes to nurse the ailing people till the end of her life.

Jeminiben's father was a painter in Dahod and he died of cancer when she was just 8 years old. And after this, she lost her mother due to a heart attack. She had seen what such disease does to people, and she was determined to devote her life to the service of ailing people. She passed her SSC examination and then did the course of nursing from Irvin College, Jamnagar.

She started her nursing career as a nurse from a private hospital and then in 1979 she joined the service of the State government. She retired in 2009 and after this she has been working in different private hospitals. And now she has been working as a matron in Zydus Hospital in Gujarat's Dahod.

Zydus Hospital's 275 nursing staff are recruited by Jeminiben and even at 71, she is ready to do any work and she has shown this by volunteering to nurse the covid-19 infected patients without any fear.

Unmarried Jeminiben has devoted her entire life to the services of patient care. She is healthy at 71 and people are amazed to see how she performs her works in hospital as well as at her home with full enthusiasm.

Even patients like her attitude and they go back to their home happily. In the hospital she seldom uses lift.

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