This Dad Interviewed His Daughter on the First Day of School for 12 Years in a Row ... and Now She's Graduating

YouTube user Kevin Scruggs has captured his daughter’s first day of school on video from 1st to 12th grade, and now she’s ready to graduate. (Photo: YouTube)

As any parent knows, kids grow up way too fast. Combine the accelerated pace that comes with getting older and the fast digital native world we live in, before you know it your young ones are on the way out the door without as much as an “adios.” We can imagine that’s all why one forward-thinking father must have decided to take the effort — and patience — to capture interviews of his daughter Mackenzie on the first day of school, from first grade to today. And now she’s getting ready to graduate.

As you might imagine, this valiant effort on the part of Dad, who goes by Kevin Scruggs on his YouTube account, is well worth the 3-minute investment. Watching his young daughter show her changes and adaptations to growing older in each segment is a testament to many things — not the least of which is loving parenting.

By the time you get to the montage of “I love you” messages going backward through the years, you’ll wonder who’s been cutting onions.

Reactions on social media mirror this assessment. The video was shared on popular community website Reddit this weekend and commenters expressed their admiration and appreciation in droves.

“It’s so weird right?” one commenter posted. “One day you have a kid, they’re an infant who is the size of your forearm and then boom they’re in high school. Being a parent is a whirlwind of so many things. I’m happy that this guy took the time out to be prescient and record some of the things he may have regretted missing.”

“One day, one day in particular, when this girl is older,” predicted another viewer, “Maybe around her wedding, maybe when her father is elderly and forgetting things, or maybe after he’s passed away, this girl is going to watch this video and be completely, irrevocably, emotionally destroyed.”

Whether or not we’ve been able to capture these types moments on video, this particular project is surely a reminder for us to look around and appreciate those we love today.

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