Dad interrupts son's makeup tutorial with 'That looks so freakin' awesome' — Twitter is obsessed!

Andrew Edgerton, also known as “Hydrated Angel” on social media, is enthusiastic about beauty and started making his mark in the world of makeup tutorials in 2017. His fan base has grown quickly in a short amount of time, but his father’s comments make it crystal clear who his No. 1 fan is.

This makeup vlogger received the best compliment from his dad while filming a tutorial. (Photo: Instagram/hydratedangel)

On June 7, Edgerton posted a video titled “Pride Pink Cut Crease Tutorial,” in which he breaks down how to get a vibrant, bright eye look. “It wasn’t really planned,” Edgerton tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I just picked up my brushes knowing that I wanted to do something colorful and bright. Also,  with Pride Month in full swing, I thought it would be perfect.” The tutorial has received a whopping 76,000 views, but one specific clip left many people smiling, ugly crying, and cheering him on.

“That is so freaking awesome,” Edgerton’s father interjects while Edgerton touches up his bright pink eye makeup. He responds to his dad, “Thank you. I’m filming it, so…,” as he laughs and blushes at his father’s supportive remarks. On Twitter, the Arizona-based makeup lover captioned the less-than-15-second clip with “Why is my dad the sweetest most supportive person ever im crying.” A long series of more than 78,000 comments followed, with people admiring the father’s support. One person wrote, “U have the best dad in the world I SWEAR!!! Really wish I were this close to my dad in real life and hopefully one day we could talk about anything together.”

Others shared GIFs and more words of inspiration.

Edgerton is really happy about the amount of feedback he has received. “It warms my heart, truly,” he says. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the reaction that I got from the video, and it makes me a little bit sad to think that so many people are shocked by his kind words. So many folks have been messaging me explaining how they wish that their dads could be supportive and that they’ve had traumatic experiences with family.”

He continues: “My father has always been supportive and excited about my makeup, so this kind of interaction is not rare. My dad was surprised to hear that this video went viral because to him, this shouldn’t be something abnormal. He believes parents should support their children no matter what.”

With Edgerton’s newfound fame, he hopes to inspire and see more change when it comes to parents supporting youth within the LGBTQ community. “Our time on this earth is so much harder than those who don’t identify with our community, and a safe space at home is so crucial to our well being,” he says. “Whether or not you understand your child or what they’re going through, support from home is a necessity, and I hope this video illustrates that.”

Beauty vlogger Andrew Edgerton and his super supportive father. (Photo: courtesy of Andrew Edgerton)

So, what’s next for Edgerton? He plans to continue posting new videos on YouTube and to make a difference with his voice in the beauty industry. He wants to use his popularity and platforms to promote change so that getting support from parents for LGBTQ youth isn’t such a shock anymore.

Check out Edgerton’s full tutorial below — and prepare to be wowed by his vibrant transformation.


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