Cyclone Tauktae: 14 of the life rafts had holes; the captain ignored warnings, says Chief Engineer

All on board the barge P305 could have been saved if many of the life rafts had not been punctured and the Captain had taken the cyclone warnings seriously, according to Chief Engineer Rahman Shaikh, who was one of the 187 men rescued. Shaikh, was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Tardeo on Wednesday evening with a wound on his knee. He said the cyclone warning came a week before it hit. Many other ships in the area had already sailed. He told Captain Balwinder Singh that they, too, needed to depart for the harbor. He assured him, however, that winds would not exceed 40 kmph and that the cyclone would pass through Mumbai in one or two hours. However, the wind speed was over 100 kmph in fact. Five of their anchors were found to be faulty. They weren't able to survive the cyclone.