Cyclone Nivar: Chennai Residents Provide Shelter to Protect Stray Dogs from Heavy Rain

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At the time of any calamity, humans not only come to the rescue of people in their neighbourhood but also animals. In an act of kindness, many people in Chennai opened their doors to stray dogs amid cyclone Nivar threat. Cyclone Nivar made landfall in Tamil Nadu a few days ago, bringing rains and strong winds.

According to The New Indian Express, residents of Chennai provided shelter to dogs in view of the threat posed by the cyclone to the animals. Vignesh Sukumar, a resident of Thiruverkadu, told The New Indian Express that he gave shelter to six stray dogs, adding that they were very scared and were only sleeping in a corner.

Sukumar, a medical trainee at Animal Aid Unlimited, said two months ago, a litter of 13 puppies died due to heavy rains. He said that when he heard of cyclone Nivar, he immediately opened his door to stray dogs.

He asserted that people often hesitate in allowing stray dogs to enter their homes because they are unclean. "A few dogs are rabid or have other diseases. This is a wrong perception that all street dogs are infectious," he stated.

M Mahesh, who is an owner of a lorry repair workshop, told the newspaper that around 10 dogs took refuge in his workshop. He said that had he not allowed these dogs to enter his workshop, they would have struggled on the streets.

He said that these dogs go away once the rain stops or weather becomes normal. Mahesh requested other residents of Chennai to help stray in the challenging times.

Cyclonic storm Nivar made landfall near Puducherry in the early hours of Thursday. The storm killed three people and injured few, wreaking havoc in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The cyclone damaged several houses, uprooted trees and power lines in parts of both Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. More than two lakh people had to be shifted to relief camps.