Cutting across religious lines, people attend the Urs of Batmol Sahib in Srinagar

Wrapped up among the busy lanes of Srinagar city lies the Dargah of Sheikh Dawood Sahib. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims throng this Dargah every day to bring forth the spirit of humanity and brotherhood among them. Recently, the Urs or death anniversary of the Sufi Saint was commemorated which was attended by devotees of all faiths who offered their prayers to the Sufi saint. Enlightening the atmosphere of Dargah during the Urs, prayers and hymns were sung in praise of Allah. As the saint used to serve food to the needy as his contribution to the society, devotees especially those living near to the shrine cook vegetables, eggs, sweets and other dishes on the day of Urs and invite their relatives for a feast. This feasting atmosphere can also be witnessed outside the shrine, where a number of people could be seen selling various eatables. The Dargah of Sheikh Dawood Sahib holds great significance as it welcomes people of all faiths to seek oneness with God and has been acting as a symbol of communal harmony for ages.