How to cut, style, and take care of frizzy hair

Meera Venugopal
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How to cut, style, and take care of frizzy hair
How to cut, style, and take care of frizzy hair

21 Feb 2021: How to cut, style, and take care of frizzy hair

Some people are born with it, while others have to bear the brunt of frizzy hair due to the humidity.

Frizzy hair is a universal problem that stems from the lack of moisture in the hair, and the right haircut can be finalized only after weighing in on a couple of factors.

Here are some haircut ideas and styling tips for those frizzy locks.

Tips: Few things to keep in mind before getting haircut

Short hair cuts do not work for frizzy hair. So, medium-length and long cuts are your best bet.

Side-swept bangs work well to draw attention away from the frizz near the top of your head.

If your hair is both curly and frizzy, let it grow at least three inches past your shoulders.

This helps to reduce the puffiness and tone down frizz.

Layered lobs: Layered lobs for those who want to maintain some length

A layered lob is for those who don't want to part ways with their long tresses but want a fresh look.

If you're someone who prefers to leave their hair without tying it up, get a cut that sits below the shoulder, so that the layers don't easily spring up.

Be sure to let your stylist know about how much your hair frizzes up.

Waves: Loose waves can be tamed with an anti-frizz spray

Waves that start at the chin and angle down around the shoulders are another great haircut for those with naturally curly and frizzy hair.

If you have thick hair, your stylist should be able to thin it by using cutting techniques.

Use an anti-frizz hair spray to set your waves and prevent any frizz.

Use a curling iron to widen your waves when needed.

Pixie cuts: Dare to go the pixie way, but maintain it properly

Okay, so I just mentioned that it is best to keep away from short hair cuts if you have untameable frizz, but not if you have the time to style your hair before going out.

The trick to maintaining pixie haircuts is to use hydrating products that lock moisture in the hair.

Use leave-in products and lightweight serums to flaunt your pixie haircut.