Cut Away Is Gonna Be the Next Lo-Fi To Indulge in the Car While Rain Slowly From the Sky

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to disconnect from the world just for a moment? A weight too heavy, you just sit inside your car staring at the window, rain slowly falling from the sky. That somber, melancholy feeling as the rain touches the roof and window of your car on a Sunday afternoon. The sudden rush to listen to soothing Lo-fi music as you blankly sit with your thoughts in the front seat of your car in full blast. We get those moments almost all the time.

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Life is just too overwhelming sometimes and all we need is that one moment of solitude and a song that enables us to peel a layer and become vulnerable to find clarity. That's what Daniel Philip's song "Cut Away" is all about. The musical arrangements and rhythmic vibe is similar to a Lo-Fi song. Contains technical flaws that make the recording sound differently compared to the live sound being recorded, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response. However unlike Lo-Fi, "Cut Away" has a more subtle storytelling progression that seems to be very visible throughout the whole song.

Quite a fascinating mix of modern and cultural beats in one. We've sat down with the singer-songwriter Daniel Philip to understand his creative process with this song. According to the artist, "Cut Away" was a song so deep and meaningful. It depicts a time in his life when he felt he was losing everything that's dear to his heart. A numbing moment of his existence where he is reminded of moments and situations of complete loss.

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"Have you ever felt De Javu moments? Like everything that happened after that was a constant relieving of each of those moments of your life that you were unbelievably happy. Just to realize it all in your head and now you feel a sense of loss again" - Daniel Philip.

Daniel Philip uses music as an escape. An avenue to stop overthinking and just express all of his emotions in the moment through a lyrical, melodic art. Music is never his bread and butter. Although he has dreamed of becoming a huge star from an early age, he eventually made it as a wonderful hobby that gives him a sense of fulfillment in his whole existence.

"Creating music is like painting for me. I project what I feel in the moment with my art. I don't care what genre I'm in, I don't care about my sound. I care about the feeling and the place it takes me or people for a moment" - Daniel Philip

Daniel Philip is a very artistic individual, he loves to create and ride fast. He grew up in Canada but when asked where he lives, according to the artist " He doesn't know where is home sometimes". That could be from his hectic lifestyle as a businessman where he has to fly constantly around the world. However, he also firmly believes that home is where the heart is. He can be anywhere and still feel at home.

What makes "Cut Away" a very promising song and vibe to be the first song you play during moments where you just want to sit in your car to release a heavy heart, disconnect from the world for a while? Perhaps it's the raw and genuine feeling that exists in the whole entirety of the song. A song that symbolizes moments in our life that are very impactful. A vibe that's understandably honest and pure. Daniel Philip makes music solely as art. Therefore, his intentions exudes in his music. Listen to more of his music on Spotify.

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