Cursive Writing Makes A Comeback In NY Schools, Kids are Lovin’ It

Elementary school classrooms in New York City are bringing in cursive handwriting instruction back into curriculum. Jessica Geller, Principal, Henry Gradstein Elementary School said: "We brought cursive writing back because we felt it was important for the whole child to learn just like we brought back chess and ballroom dancing to help kids with their whole education."

"It also helps with spelling accuracy so it may not be used actually in the real world necessarily but it helps with their spelling skills and their writing skills now at this age," Geller added.

Children Are Rediscovering The Joy of Cursive Writing

Little James Harper, a third grader said: "It helps your posture because you have to keep your body straight yet tilt the paper because, you can't tilt your body so you have to stay straight and still."

Camille Santos from the same class finds joy in a different aspect of cursive writing. She says: "It's actually pretty easy to write cursive; it's kind of like doodling a little bit."

The swooshes and curls of penmanship finally return to schools and children can now read Grandma's cards that she sends on Christmas or old manuscripts too.

Not Mandatory Yet Schools Are Happy to Adopt It

Many schools have already started implementing the curriculum, says Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who has advocated for cursive instruction.

Malliotakis said it's important for young people to "know how to write a signature of their own to identify themselves, and have the ability to sign a legal document, check, or voter registration form."

"Without knowing how to read script, students can't even read historic documents like the Declaration of Independence," she said in a statement Wednesday.

Back to Penmanship

Penmanship classes were dropped when the new Common Core educational standards were crafted. But some states have been fighting to restore cursive instruction.

The New York Department of Education (DOE) says it's up to school leaders and staff to decide how to incorporate cursive and manuscript instruction, and cursive instruction is not mandated.

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj