Want to Know What Katrina Is up To? These Are the People to Follow

If you wanna see the most candid side of Katrina Kaif, get stalking her hairstylist and fitness trainer.

Katrina Kaif stayed away from social media for the longest time, at least she tried to. But on her 33rd birthday she let her fans into her private life by getting on Facebook. But guess what, her Facebook account has been a major disappointment. She hardly posts any pictures or updates. So we found another way of tracking what she’s up to. Basically, we’ve been following her hair stylist Bianca and fitness trainer Reza on Instagram. After all, there’s a curious cat hidden inside each one of us.

Reza: The Man Behind Those Abs

One thing that Katrina Kaif is very very serious about is her fitness regime. So wherever she goes her fitness trainer Reza follows. From her film sets to her world tours, he’s always around her and thankfully shares some candid moments with Kat quite often. By the way, Reza is the man responsible for the most desirable abs in Bollywood. Follow him and you’ll always be in sync with Katrina Kaif.

Bianca: The Woman Behind Katrina’s Gorgeous Hair Styles

The credit for Katrina’s gorgeous hair styles goes to her personal hair stylist Bianca. She always travels with Kat and makes sure she never has a bad hair day. Katrina and Bianca are quite the chillers too. They hang out behind the scenes on every set. There’s no better way to get a glimpse of Katrina’s candid side than on Bianca’s Instagram account. You know you want to!