The Curious Case of Tata Nexon EV With Rooftop Mounted Windmill in Gujarat: Check Video

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There is no short supply of innovation and Indians are known for their makeshift works and finding the solution to any problem by stretching the concept of ‘jugaad’ techniques. In such a make-do concept a windmill was mounted on the roof of a Tata Nexon EV that was spotted plying on the roads of Gujarat.

Tata Motors’ Nexon EV is the best-selling electric car in India and can be spotted easily onroads. But in a bizarre but interesting twist of things a Nexon EV owner has mounted the windmill on its roof. It is still unclear about what is happening with the car and why the owner chose to mount the windmill on top of it. Our best guess is that the contraption was fixed to charge the battery on the move.

The car was spotted in Rajkot and some passer-by on the road captured the Nexon EV driving down the road. Take a look at the innovativepiece of workin the video below.

However, for numerous reasons, the windmill on the roof is a bad idea! First, the windmill set-up must be quite heavy and an additional source of power in the form of a dynamo to generate electricity from the mill is definitely not in the best interest of the vehicle. Secondly, the windmill does not generate a great amount of electricity. Additionally, the vehicle’s power plant needs to overcome the resistive force acting on a vehicle in order to move it. It also poses safety risk to the vehicle itself, fellow road users and vehicles. The contraption may fall apart when moving at high speeds, as the forces acting on the mounts would be very significant and eventually lead to structural failure if not designed properly.

In all fairness, the best possible way to increase the range of the EV is to drive it slowly and keep its regeneration level to its highest to get maximum range. Further if there’s an urge to enhance its net energy utilisation, a solar panel would be a better idea than a windmill!