Curious case of Suhel Seth: What is his profession, really?

Shalini Ojha

Curious case of Suhel Seth: What is his profession, really?

18 Oct 2018: Curious case of Suhel Seth: What is his profession, really?

What does Suhel Seth do exactly? The grey-haired man is just like his guest appearances in Bollywood movies. He attends parties, flaunts his amazing vocabulary and seems to have an opinion on everything.

Thanks to #MeToo, we finally know he harasses women behind doors.

Since he is a 'Celebrity consultant', there haven't been demands for his sacking but he has 'earned' a spot on wall-of-shame.

Allegation #1: Suhel took filmmaker to his home, kissed and groped her

Filmmaker Natashja Rathore posted screenshots of her message to Suhel to remind him of what he had done because predators usually forget their actions.

She revealed Suhel asked her to accompany him for ice cream. She agreed after his persistence and he took her to his home instead.

There he kissed her forcefully, grabbed her breast, and ignored her 'behave yourself' warnings.

Allegation #2: Journalist went for a quick hug, Suhel kissed her instead

Soon another journalist Mandakini Gahlot revealed her Suhel story. She said during an event at a hotel, when she went for a quick hug, he kissed her.

She rebuffed him and others sitting there just laughed. Talk about male entitlement?

About not reporting back then, Gahlot said she was young, wanted to make a name for herself and Suhel was too big to take on.

Allegation #3: Suhel told journalist to brush teeth, take bath before meeting

Journalist Ishita Yadav also came at the receiving end of Suhel's predatory behavior. She was 24 when she started having Facebook conversations with him.

Soon he showed his intent as he asked Yadav to brush her teeth and take bath before she comes to his place.

"It became clear I obviously wasn't being called over for a conversation," one of Yadav's tweet read.

Allegation #4: When Suhel kissed Diandra, she bit his tongue

What Suhel did to model/actor Diandra Soares is sick. Saying #MeToo, Diandra recalled she met him at a party.

Suhel put his hand in her top and kissed her. In retaliation, Diandra bit his tongue as hard as she could.

"I'll never forget the way he looked at me, looking hurt and bewildered," she said and added spectators had to intervene.

Fact: The 'erstwhile' Twitter celebrity has chosen silence

While the allegations are gaining momentum, Suhel has chosen stoic silence. In any other era, he would have posted numerous tweets on a burning issue, but since it's #MeToo, the man (having over 4 million followers) has forgotten how to type, it seems.

Clearing the air: Suhel, women aren't all about breasts and lips, you know!

Your reputation precedes you Suhel. We know you are entitled.

You are invited to literature fests where you cling champagne glasses and on TV shows, your fancy words make viewers believe you are learned. Only you aren't.

You have reduced women to their breasts and lips, and no amount of socializing in parties will absolve you of this.

Underneath all the facade lies a predator who should be called out and thanks to survivors you are getting what suits you- denunciation.