CSK v/s MI: IIT-Madras exam paper asks who will win?

Pallabi Chatterjee

CSK v/s MI: IIT-Madras exam paper asks who will win?

07 May 2019: CSK v/s MI: IIT-Madras exam paper asks who will win?

The IPL fever has gripped the nation this time as well.

This gets proved by the fact that a prestigious institute like IIT-Madras has asked a question in an exam paper as to whether MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings skipper) should choose to bat or field in the Qualifier 1 against Mumbai Indians, which will be held today at Chepauk stadium, Chennai.

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Factors: The question took everything into account: Dew, relative humidity, temperature

The exam of the BT1020 Material and Energy Balances paper, in which the question was asked, was held yesterday.

It took everything into account: the dew on the ground, the relative humidity in Chennai, weather forecast, temperature, everything.

The question by Professor Vignesh, ended saying, "Based on this info, if Dhoni wins the toss would you recommend batting or fielding first. Justify your answer."

Excitement: Many cricket fans gave the answer on social media

While the 5-mark question upped the coolness quotient of the institute, it got noticed by none other than International Cricket Council (ICC).

ICC, in a tweet, yesterday gave a shout-out to Professor Vignesh, and applauded him "for making exams relevant to important, real-life issues!"

Many cricket fans, who couldn't answer the question, did so on social media, giving proper analysis.

Marks to them too!

Fact: ICC gives a shout out to the professor

Fact: 'Whoever wins the toss will elect (to) field first'

Fact: This netizen says Dhoni will bowl first

Fact: Whichever team wins toss should bat second, says IIT-Madras scholar

Anxiety: The IIT-Madras students will surely be glued to their TVs

While CSK is led by Dhoni, Mumbai Indians is led by Rohit Sharma.

The teams acquired top two positions in the IPL points table in the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League, and thus will battle it out in the Qualifier 1.

We are sure the students will keep a close eye on tonight's match.

After all, their marks depend on the winner.