CS:GO Operation Shattered Web update introduces new characters and weapon skins

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Valve has announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operations after nearly two years. Operation Shattered Web is a massive update that introduces agents or characters for the first time in the game along with several cosmetic upgrades.

While all the characters have been given visual upgrades through the years, they have been the same models since CS:GO launched. Operation Shattered Web brings completely new terrorist and counter-terrorist-sided characters. They are called Agents and they will be rolled out as mission progress rewards. In other words, these are just skins that can be unlocked as you play and there are 22 of them. All agents are classified into tiers where 'Master Agents' is the highest tier that includes Lt. Commander Ricksaw and Special Agent Ava of the FBI. All the characters have their own voices and animations.

The new agents aren't going to completely replace the older models. Just like how weapon skins can be equipped from your inventory, the unlocked agents can be chosen on either of the two sides.

Just like tradition, a new operation means a new weapons collection or skins that are associated with the operation. The collections include Shattered Web Knives, Norse, St Marc, and Canals. There are web stickers and web graffiti as well that will be given out as rewards only during the operation.

CS:GO also has new maps including Jungle, Lunacy, and Studio that will be available in all the regular matchmaking games.

Operation Shattered Web is priced at $15 and it will go on for 16 weeks with a new set of missions being unlocked every week through its course. More details can be found on Valve's microsite of the operation.

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