Crypto Project Traxalt is seeing record registrations amidst the Defi Hype

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Panama City, Panama – Traxalt – A blockchain-based solution introduced to transform the Global Payments Network is making noise for showing enormous growth through the recent DEFI hype. The platform recently reported that its user base is almost touching the mark of 1,000,000 with a record of 30% quarterly growth in the user base.

Launched in June 2019, the marketing strategists of the company have been very creative in getting the word out on the streets about Traxalt with a motive to onboard users and grow its market share.

In an interview with the company executives, recently published on Yahoo they explained that they have drawn out a holistic marketing approach. The said marketing approach is turning out to be very positive.

Marketing strategies include Major Partnerships with Industry Giants; Hosting Lavish Crypto Events and Conferences; Launching Incentivised marketing campaigns etc., have made the project known to everyone in the Latin American region.

Traxalt has partnered with enterprise titans, such as bitfoliex and other crypto exchanges. These connections have enabled Traxalt to assist millions of new users around the world. The Traxalt Protocol is built on top of the Stellar blockchain, it helps enterprises and companies to reduce costs, achieve faster transaction times, and this acts as word of mouth and hence beneficial for the company.

Talking about the events hosted by the company, many industry leaders have attended these conferences and Traxalt has utilised these chances to get recognized by these leaders.

Traxalt also has several marketers working indirectly. These marketers write resourceful content, post graphically appealing content on their social handles, and invite their fellow community members to join the project. This single-handedly has improved the SEO score of Traxalt.

All the actions mentioned before, have led the company to an accelerated growth and it is a great example for other brands that start from scratch. Hereby is where people realize the importance of implementing marketing strategies in their company’s core structure. Marketing actions, if implemented correctly and at the right time, can lead any company to its success and accomplishment.

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