Crowd in Delhi Loots Mangoes Worth Rs 30,000 From Unattended Cart

As if the loss of business due to coronavirus-induced lockdown was not enough for Chhote, a fruit vendor in Delhi’s Shahdara, a crowd looted mangoes worth Rs30,000 from his cart on Friday. The incident took place in Shahdara’s Jagatpuri area.

Chhote said the incident took place after a fight broke out between two rickshaw pullers a few meters away from the spot where he positions his fruit cart. During the altercation, the duo told him to move his cart away from that point.

The fruit vendor alleged he was harassed by the rickshaw pullers and they told him to leave that spot with his cart. While he managed to take his cart to a different location, he left behind the crates of mangoes.

Chhote said he had put newspapers on the crates and had 15 of them full of mangoes. When people asked the rickshaw pullers about the owner of crates, they said they were not aware of it and that it might be unattended. That is when passersby started to take advantage of the situation.

According to Chhote, the 15 crates of mangoes were worth Rs 30000. When the video went viral on social media, local police sought him out and approached him to lodge a complaint.