Crocodile Kills Fisherman in Zimbabwe by Biting his Penis Off; Body Recovered

Team Latestly
A team of Forest Department officials on Wednesday rescued a crocodile from Gujarat's Vadodara. The reptile, six-feet long, was rescued from Waghodia village, some 7.5 km away from Vadodara. The crocodile was found in a canal in the area which caused a panic among the villages.

A 27-year-old fisherman was brutally killed by a crocodile in Zimbabwe after biting off his penis on Thursday. Paul Nyamhanza of Hopley in Harare died after being castrated the huge reptile near Beatrice in Mashonaland, located 54 km southwest of the capital. Zimpark rangers who recovered the man's body found that his penis had been bitten off by the crocodile. The incident occurred when Paul as casting nets for fish alongside his younger brother Jeremiah at the Ellendale Farm Dam. Small Penis Reason For Crocodile Couple's Failure to Conceive Even After Mating For 50 Years!

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Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the circumstances that lead to Paul's death. Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed to the local media saying, "I confirm the death of a man from Hopley in Harare, who was attacked by a crocodile at a dam in Beatrice. The deceased was in the company of another adult man casting their fishing nets when he was attacked by the reptile." Following the incident, the inspector warned fishermen and others also to stay away from waters where crocodiles are known to be prevalent. Gujarat Farmer Finds 8-Foot Long Crocodile Under His Bed, View Scary Pics!

In a similar shocking incident last month, officials in Indonesia had found a giant crocodile along the Malaoge River carrying a missing man in its jaws. The beat had killed the man by biting off his penis. A video of the crocodile holding the man had gone viral on social media. In India, a 30-year-old man was killed by a crocodile in Rajasthan's Chambal River earlier this year. The crocodile had leapt from the water and held the man who was standing by the banks. Divers later found the mutilated body of the man.

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