Crocodile Appears in River With Missing Man in Jaws After Killing Him by Biting His Crotch; Watch Horrific Viral Video

Team Latestly

Authorities in Indonesia, was looking for a missing man from the Kinapani Village, Indonesia alongside the Malaoge River. While on the hunt, the Search and Rescue Team was shocked to spot a giant crocodile who was carrying a man in its jaws. They identified the body to be the missing man, Darlin Uti. The river beast is believed to have killed the man, by biting his crotch. The footage showing the crocodile which appears on the surface with its jaws clamped around its victim’s groin is going viral, giving all the scare to the netizens across. Crocodiles and Snakes Enter Residential Areas in Queensland As Floodgates Opened in Australia. 

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According to media reports, the 30-year-old was snorkeling in the murky river to fix an underwater pipe near his home in Sulawesi, Indonesia on April 12, when the crocodile attacked. The victim’s sister, who was on the river bank, tried every bit to rescue Darlin by grabbing the hose, he used to breathe underwater, to pull him to safety. But she failed. The dangerous water beast thrashed around in the water and disappeared into the depths, with its teeth gripping Darlin’s groin. Small Penis Reason For Crocodile Couple's Failure to Conceive Even After Mating For 50 Years!

Watch Video: (WARNING: Graphic Content Viewers Discretion is Advised)

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The Indonesian authorities began to search for Darlin, who was from the Kinapani Village. Unfortunately, the Search and Rescue Team (SAR) spotted Darlin’s body the next day, after the incident. In the video, the man’s lower legs and feet can be seen sticking out of the water as the huge crocodile floats past before submerging again.

The rescuers boarded boats and gradually retrieved Uti’s body and later returned to his family for a funeral. One of the team members reported that there was a large bite wound in Darlin’s crotch, which “could have caused him to bleed and die.” Malaoge River is reportedly a thriving habitat for crocodiles in the area, and the rescue team have warned the locals to be cautious if they have to go into the water. They have also been asked to report any crocodile sighting to authorities immediately.