Cristiano Ronaldo Shares a 'Hot' Ice Recovery Picture of Himself! Know More About Cryotherapy, Its Benefits and Method

Shaloo Tiwari

Cristiano Ronaldo has a fanbase of his own. The former Real Madrid striker and current Juventus striker and Portugal national team captain, is known to priorities his fitness. However, today Ronaldo shared a picture of himself dipped in ice water and captioned it with "Ice recovery" leaving many netizens to wonder what exactly was he doing. Cristiano Ronaldo was taking a post-workout cold water immersion, also known as cryotherapy. Let's discuss the recovery method a little more. Madonna Drinks Her Own Pee After a 3 AM Ice Bath to 'Heal' In A Viral Video! Does Urine Really Have Health Benefits?

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What Is Cryotherapy?

This is considered to be one of the most sought-after therapy post heavy workouts by athletes. While it may look simple, it is a technique that needs experience. The therapy also commonly known as post-workout plunge includes taking an ice water bath post heavy workouts. It is said to have tonnes of health benefits. The cold water immersion or cryotherapy helps you recover faster and keeps muscle pain at bay. It also helps get rid of any kind of soreness after intense training sessions. Novak Djokovic Enjoys ‘Naked’ Ice Bath With First-Round Rival Marton Fucsovics at US Open 2018!

The therapy doesn't always include cold water but many athletes even opt for contrast water therapy where they alternately plunge in cold water and warmer water to get a similar effect. Most of the times, runners, football players and people who do heavy workouts, try this out!  Urine Therapy for Weight Loss! Canadian Woman Claims She Lost 60 Kg by Drinking Her Own Pee (Watch Video).

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Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Ice bath gives immediate relief from pain as is believed to constrict blood vessels.
  • It is known to detox the affected tissue of waste products, like lactic acid.
  • A decrease in metabolic activity.
  • Reduces swelling and tissue breakdown
  • Beneficial for fighting migraine symptoms.
  • Calms nerve irritation
  • Elevates mood
  • Reduces arthritic pain
  • Known to help treats atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

Right Method To Perform Cryotherapy:

Several studies have found that patients who have undergone cold water bath therapy were found to have significantly increased levels of white blood cells, which are helpful in reducing diseases. It is said that when cold water hits the skin, blood from the inner parts of the body reaches the upper surface of the skin due to the spreading of the capillaries on the surface and makes us feel warm. However, if you are pregnant or on periods you might want to avoid this and for men, cold water plunge immediately after sex is not advised.